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Toni's Pizza

Enjoy East Chicago's best pizzas at some of the top pizza restaurants in the area. Toni's Pizza is one of the most popular in East Chicago. Try their pizza, and you'll soon see why. Try some of East Chicago's best dishes at independent pizzerias in the city. Find new favorites and get a taste of what East Chicago has to offer. You can't say you've been to Toni's Pizza until you've tried One Topping Pizza. This classic local favorite is what this establishment is known for. Add soda to your pizza for a more satisfying meal. It's a great addition to any pizza from Toni's Pizza. Toni's Pizza has been a Slice partner since 2020. They've been serving the local community for a while now, so you can rely on them providing great pizza. Call ahead and get curbside pickup at Toni's Pizza. It's never been easier to get hot, fresh pizza to go. You can pay by credit card at Toni's Pizza. That makes it easy to get your pizza as quickly as possible.

(219) 333-4969

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